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With Xpendly, you're always in control of your money, no matter where you are, we have your back.
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Core Features

Develop positive financial behaviours with Xpendly. Organise your money in a few clicks and learn so much more.
Create recurring budgets
Customize your budgets with your categories of your choice
Get real time and forecasted analytics on your transactions
Income and expense tracking
Manage your spend and incoming funds

Financial advice and products handpicked for you

Xpendly allows you to make better financial decisions. You can have access to tips from financial experts with products and services from accredited financial institutions specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Get access to your credit scoring

Build a good credit score with your financial patterns. Increase your credit-worthiness and build your credit history over time. A good credit score increases your chances of having access to financial products at competitive rates.

How Xpendly works

Make Xpendly your lifetime tool and worry less about your financial transactions
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You’re set to go! Add budgets you can stick to and get your transactions going

A sneak peak of what is yet to come

A personal finance tool for millennials with income and expense tracking, budgeting and credit scoring. Access tailored financial recommendations from accredited institutions. Join a financial community within your reach.
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